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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Real Love

Think about love start from where sometime we never think about them but felt love.
Before the feeling they are General people, after sometime they become a special Perhaps we thought love is wonder.
Its truly we identify its love but it’s internally came from our heart feelings. We think individuals to individual they are likes and we go for same feeling with them.

Its truly in Buddhism says we go with feeling but ultimately we are nothing gain to our life. It’s like we are searching in water in the “mirage “Truly we do not archive anything. Then we truly know there is no water in “mirage” So that the love feeling and specialty are gone. We can see them like general people. After sometime also we realize the same feeling and they are very general. 

Pure love, true love, never change my love this all it’s our mind feeling mixed. Truly we can see it. But we do not want to understand the reality. We are searching our love with our decade’s body from another. We feel good and we name its "LOVE" Very easy way to our life. In generally we need love, but we must understand it.



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