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About us

Life Monthly Magazine that has been Registered in Sri Lankan News Paper Board was attracted huge readers from many years. Since commencement of Magazine, we bring more articles related to life, love, medical and other. 

Further more today we expand our service through the web page named Life Magazine www.Lifemagazine.lk and its bringing valuable opportunity for readers to read previous magazine and now you able to further read latest news and gossips through this web page. 

In additionally you can find more information about various trade services. Especially persons who find information concerning wedding service can get information related to suppliers who provide Wedding Halls, Wedding Decors and Wedding Dresses. 

Further you able to acquire to more information concerning House Planning, House Building, Cab Service, Transportation and etc… 

If you continue your own trade, you can promote your business through our web page. We support you to bring your business to more customers and we arranged various categories matching your budget for promote your trade under fair price.

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